Peter Gabriel - Complete recording studio built in flight cases for location recording and writing

Annie Lennox - Recording studios in her homes in London and Majorca for writing and recording. Credit on "Diva" album.

Roger Waters - Personal studios for recording and writing at his homes in Hampshire and London. Flight case studio for world travel. Ongoing technical support.

Massive Attack, Bristol - design and installation group project studio.

Nellee Hooper, London - installation personal production studio.

Marius De Vries, Cambridge - installation personal production studio.

Osmon Kent - Songphonic Music, Surrey UK. Digital music production studio.

Bora Uzer, Istanbul, Turkey. For Songphonic Records. Custom hybrid analog/digital music recording and production studio.

Private US Client - technical installation and planning for 2 ultimate spec personal music studios in residences on the US west coast. SSL Axiom MT digital consoles, multitrack tape, Pro Tools, huge array of vintage and modern outboard. Contract for technical design and installation of SSL Axiom recording studio on 126M private megayacht built in Kiel Geremany.

Alex Heffes, London. Technical work to personal film writing studio.

Steve Robson, London. Technical support and maintenance of London multitrack music studio. Technical design and installation of new music studio, London.

Robert Orton, Reading. Technical design and installation of remix recording studio. Working with John Flynn of ADG design group.




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Private Facilities

Commercial A/V

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