Scramble Sound Studios, London. Installation of 3 AMS Logic post production studios.

Zoo Studios, London - installation of Fairlight post production studios and transfer facilities.

Complete Video, London - installation of 4 AVID offline video editing suites.

Sound Store, London - installation of 3 Fairlight/Fame post production studios.

Edit Store , London - installation of AVID Symphony online video suite and central transfer and VTR facilities.

Angell Sound Studios, London - technical design and installation of 6 studio audio/video post production facility. AMEK DMS digital consoles.

Sound Monsters, London - design and installation of 4 Avid editing suites, central machine room, Audio Dubbing Suite.

Noise London. New facility, 3 dubbing studios for film and TV postproduction.

Impossible Pictures, London. Installation of Avid editing suite and central equipment rack.

Input Media, London. New audio post production suite, expand and revise central MCR.

Felt Productions - London. Design and installation of audio post production studio.




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